Patterns can add so much character to a room or space. They can be bold, light, cheerful, rustic, or tribal. I like tribal patterns, but I’m good with any pattern that stands out. And contrary to popular belief, you can mix patterns so long as you have one theme.

interiors by studio m

I love patterns with a variety of colors, because it gives life to wherever you put the pattern. Vibrant rugs are a great way to add some character to a white room.

ty pennington 2014 trends

Pillows with bold patterns can add color to a neutral color sofa or chair. I love pillows because you can always interchange them or even get a new cover to change with your mood.

feather wall stencil

Stencils are also another way to add some character to a room. Put them on a white wall, or cover the wall with a bold pattern to create a focal point. Wall-Stencil-Moroccan-Allover-Angles

Patterns mixed with cultural and local items is what truly makes a home unique and special. Properly placed accessories can make a home look lived in and not cluttered.

western native living room

Native patterns and fabrics can make for a great home decor item. Pillows and blankets always seem to make a space look and feel more comfortable and open.

interiors by studio m 2Patterns can inspire creativity and imagination. A fun room can show your personality and style.


Sometimes there are patterns that are just great to look at.

spoonflower tribal


Whatever patterns you choose, make sure it speaks to you and is something you love. You definitely don’t want pattern regret. Have fun with patterns and try something new.

What patterns speak to you? Share your thoughts with us!


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