This is my favorite time of year because of the fall season, the colors, the temperature change, the layering of clothes, of course my birthday, and the outlook of the upcoming holidays.


With the upcoming holidays, the season becomes filled with family and friends and giving for most of us. But I was watching a special segment on the local news that featured children who are about to age out of the foster care system, and the possibility of them becoming homeless because they have no forever family/home.

It made me think of all the holidays I’ve shared with my family and friends and I felt blessed and honored to be given such a gift as family and friends. People who cared about my well-being, have taken care of me when I was sick or feeling down, have shared a laugh with me, even shared an argument or two. Through all those things, I’ve had somewhere to call forever. Now that’s not to say that my blood relatives don’t drive me crazy sometimes, but those crazy times have given me forever memories. I’ve even lost some friends to cancer, illnesses, or just to disagreements, but I have fond memories of those people who are in my life. I have even reconnected with family members who I haven’t spoken to in decades that I can’t wait to share new memories with. I have been blessed with finding new distant relatives that I never knew I had who I hope to learn more about.


So with all the upset and chaos in our current world, with the holidays coming up, or just because…tell your friends and family you love them. Call them randomly to say ‘Hey’ and see how they are doing. Send them a random note in the mail (yes, the kind you need a postage stamp for). Take pictures, have conversations, have dinner, have a drink, have a hug, have a laugh, have a cry, just take full advantage of the family and friends that you have. Because for every person in your life, there is someone out there with no one.

This post is something I felt that needed to be shared and I hope this season is a plentiful and giving one for you.

Also, I’m sharing some of those random memories just because I’m nostalgic like that. šŸ™‚


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