Holiday Essentials


The holidays are my favorite time of year. And decorating the house has always been a great experience. That was the most fun part (besides opening gifts of course) of the holidays. Once you decorate, the season officially starts!


Now when I was younger, the decorating trends were a little bit different. Paper link chains and paper snowflakes were sufficient and all the rage! Now, things are a little more fancy and there are so many things that can be used in making a more festive space.


This red  holiday table is a prime example of how to think outside the box when it comes to decorating your dining area. The hanging stars are like over-sized ornaments.


These unique feather ornaments add a little bit of a rustic flair to your tree or decor. I love ornaments that are a little different and can show your own style in a holiday decoration. I love the white color, it adds more of a winter feel so that you can use them beyond the holidays. I love when things can be multi-purposed.


This metallic holiday room is a bit of a twist on the holiday decorating tradition. I love silver ornaments, and sometimes just using one color on a tree can make it stand out and seem a little more festive. Matching the decorations to the room, that is clever. It makes the whole room seem like a holiday scene that should be on display atop of the mantle. Add the modern furniture, and you have a room showpiece!


Sometimes the little things can make the most impact. There are some pretty fancy wrapping paper designs, sometimes that is all you need to add some flair to your decorations. The matching hanging ornaments on the tabletop branches just adds to winter feel. Using natural elements gives a rustic feel and can also be used beyond the holiday. Natural elements and bringing the outside in can be used for seasonal decoration.

(via the feather girl)

Now this feather tree is my favorite! I love the use of feathers to make a luxurious and fun tree. I almost didn’t see the white reindeer in front of it. The ornament wreath behind it just adds a pop of color to a beautiful setup.

(via PopSugar)

This lighted tree display is perfect for a larger room, but definitely makes a statement during the holidays. Especially for a holiday party. Makes the room more festive.

The year I got a dollhouse and my Easy Bake Oven!

No matter how you decorate or celebrate the Christmas holiday, enjoy the time with family and friends. Good food and drink, and cherish the memories you make.

Happy Christmas!


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