Holiday Decorating 2016

The holiday season is in full swing. Are you in the holiday spirit yet? Have you started decorating your home yet?


We put our tree up Friday and it was a blast! I baked cookies and made popcorn on the stove, while the kids put the “balls” on the tree (lol…inside joke). I have always loved decorating the tree, mainly because it has always reminded me of the ending scene of my favorite movie of all time, White Christmas. The one with all the ballerinas placed around the tree and Bing, Rosemary, and friends are decked out in their Santa-esque garb crooning out the namesake tune.

White Christmas Final Tree Scene - 1954
White Christmas Final Tree Scene – 1954

My decorating experience has never been anything that grand, but in my 8 year old mind it was just as magical!

The epic cookie making Christmas debacle.
The epic cookie making Christmas debacle.

Well here are some of my favorite decorating ideas for the holidays. I love coming across beautiful images that represent a special holiday season. I hope you enjoy these.

(via Holly Mathis Interiors)

This beautiful shot actually caught my eye because of the accent pillows. I love the red and tan against the white sofa. Take a look at the rest of the images from Holly Mathis Interiors and you will see there is a lot of beauty in this holiday home decor.

(via Holly Mathis Interiors)
(via Holly Mathis Interiors)

See what I mean? Imagine walking into a home to this beautiful design. Perfect holiday greeting to any home.

(via Dreamy Whites)
(via Dreamy Whites)

This white dreamy space is form Dreamy Whites, a blog I came across on Pinterest…of course!

(via Dreamy Whites)
(via Dreamy Whites)

This potted tree is so clever, especially in the tin carafe. I think potted trees are great alternatives for small rooms or apartments. They don’t take up a lot of space and they are easily transported. I have been thinking of trying potted trees in multiple rooms in my home next year. I have seen so many ideas that I would love to implement.


Crafts are also fun to do this time of year. You can include everyone during the break from school and it also helps to create new memories. I found these from that were not only simple, but pretty fun and easy to include everyone.

Christmas at Mom's 2015
Christmas 2015

Whatever you do this holiday to make your home more festive, enjoy the process and take time to make those moments special. Create memories with your friends and family. Enjoy the food and drink of the season.

Deck those halls and keep your spirits bright!


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