This is it!


The new year has arrived, and it is a time for new beginnings and new challenges. 2016 was a rough year for many people, and the new year was a welcomed sight for sore eyes. Although the new year is known for everyone making resolutions on how to be different or what to implement in their lives to make it a better one, this is really it!

2017 is the year that will put things into action. For over a year and a half I have had the vision of developing and creating a line of home accessories that can also be used in event design. In events, sometimes it is hard to find exactly what you are looking for to bring your vision to life. So if you can’t find it create it. So that is where I am now. I am partial to rustic and more relaxed event design. The kind that makes you feel at home, a place that is comfortable and relaxed but inspired and engaged.

This all really started with a dream I have had since I was a kid. I had a vivid dream of turning an old barn into an open event space that had studio/creative space, a retail area with my creations, and a coffee cafe shop. I had this dream a few times as a teenager. The past few years has truly led to the path of bringing this dream to life.

The entire line will include table linens, napkins, window coverings, pillows, cushions, and throws. In the future, I would like to add rugs, dishes, flatware, and furniture. Right now, I’m starting with pillows.

Broken into two collections, the Jones and Weaver Collections will be representative of my family lineage. In my ancestry research, I have linked my Native American family to India. So the Jones collection will be reminiscent of Native American patterns, and the Weaver collection will be reminiscent of Indian patterns.

Jones Collection:

Weaver Collection:

I have found handwoven organic fabrics from India that are made by weavers who use natural dyes and handloom the fabrics. These are mock ups that I created to get a feel for what the pillows may look like.

NN FB profile
Native November

So the goal is to have an actual prototype done by March 2017. So stay tuned to the next chapter in the Native November experience.


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