Accessorizing Your Space

I love adding accessories to an outfit or to my space. Just a simple pillow or vase can add some visual interest to a room. You can make a statement with accessories, something that will make people ask where you got that from.  With a new year comes new trends for accessories of all kinds. Here are some of my favorites for the home.

  Mixed Patterns + Prints

When I was growing up, I was always told to not mix patterns and prints. I think we have totally gotten away from that thought. I think I like the look of mixed patterns and prints because it looks more natural and has a sense of  home. Blue china patterns have always been one of my favorite, and this set from Pottery Barn doesn’t disappoint. Also, the set is great together or with other patterns.

Pottery Barn Sophia Village salad plate set

Matte Finish

In culinary school, I had to take a baking class. I was terrified taking this class because it was my first time ever in a commercial kitchen and I think the equipment intimidated me. Also, I thought it was going to be difficult because I am not a big baked goods person. But the day we began making breads my eyes were opened and I was ecstatic! I love bread, and the smell of it being prepared. Since then I wanted a stand mixer just so I could use the dough hook to make  my own bread at home. I think this may be a slight curse since consuming tons of bread isn’t all that healthy, but it’s so delicious. A Kitchen Aid mixer has always been my dream, but now in the new trend of matte finishes, makes it so chic! You can’t beat functional and fashionable.

Kitchen Aid Black Matte stand mixer at Crate & Barrel
Kitchen Aid Black Matte stand mixer at Crate & Barrel


Greenery is the Pantone Color of the Year 2017, and it’s everything refreshing and new that we need this year. A fresh and bright shade of green, greenery is sure to add a nice element to any room. These chairs speak to me for some reason. They are different and just enough of the green to make an impact.

Pantone Color of the Year 2017 Greenery


Chip and Joanna Gaines are my favorite couple and renovators. They seem to be so genuine, they are creative, and they are totally into shiplap (well Joanna is). I am not really big on paneling, but shiplap seems to add character and just a touch of texture. There are so many possibilities for this slatted wood, but I think my favorite treatment is leaving it natural or just a basic white. This stairway is truly a great use for the panels, and in white it makes it look like its leading you up/down the pathway. I especially love it with the dark stairs and accents. Classic and simple.



In this digital age we are so used to looking at flat surfaces and images. In graphic design classes, I often would have to look away after using the computer for so long. Even now, looking for inspiration online is a gift, but there’s nothing like getting inspiration from something tangible. Texture is also important for our senses as humans, so this trend is probably popular because we are searching for things to engage our senses. This green velvet tufted chair from Scott Shuptrine is exactly what your senses need.


Whatever you choose to accessorize your space with, make sure it creates a space that you want to be in and never leave. Be creative and adventurous.


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