Weekly Playlist | 2.20.17

Ok, so it’s time for the weekly playlist. This week the list is a little more chilled and laid back. With the exception of the last song. “Trumpet Lights” is a pretty powerful song with a good beat.

It’s good to have a little variety in your music listening. So why not have a little punch to make sure you are awake. Enjoy!


Weekly Playlist 

Miguel “Sure Thing”

Justin Bieber “Company” 

João Gilberto “Corcovado”

Frou Frou “Let Go”

Bebe Gilberto “So Nice”

Rihanna “James Joint”

Banks “This is What it Feels Like” 

Cherokee “Take Care of You”

Dwele feat. Monica Blaire “Swank”

George Michael “Cars and Trains” 

Imogen Heap “Headlock” 

Michael Franks “Rainy Night in Tokyo” 

Pharrell Williams feat. Snoop Dogg and Charlie Wilson “That Girl”

The Postal Service “The District Sleeps” 

Roisin Murphy “Through Time” 

Praful “Sigh” 

Amerie “Talkin’ to Me”

Justin Timberlake “Strawberry Bubblegum” 

Kate Rogers “ Fine”

Chris Brown feat. Sabrina Antoinette “Trumpet Lights”


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