MOVEMENT 2017 | Music Monday

Ok, so I have to admit, I am a house head. I love techno music and I could listen to that bass thump all day. There are many genres within house music, but as long as it’s got a bass, a thump, and is at least between 125 and 145 bpm, I’m good.

photo via: Doug Wojciechowski

Techno music was born in the D by a group of teenagers dubbed the Belleville Three. They started with the rhythms and the machines to create the sound that has grown into so many other rhythms. Techno has blossomed all over the world

The Belleville Three consists of Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson. They were instrumental in developing a sound that would be heard all over the world. One that will and continues to gather people of all walks of life into spaces and festivals everywhere. But there are none other than the one that was started in Detroit. Techno Fest started out in the early 90s and was free to the public with local artists and their musician friends. The first song I ever heard at Techno Fest was by pure accident, and it was the bass that got me. I was walking down Jefferson Ave and hear the bass beat to Inner City’sBig Fun” and had to stop and listen. They were starting their set and there was a serious rain storm that started, and I had my umbrella and a beat…I danced in the pouring rain to their entire set! After that I was hooked on this whole concept of a festival of music with serious bass beats.

After the festival changed management hands, I went again to see the famed Moby. I had always seen the artist that was on MTV and mainstream stations, but nothing would prepare me for what I saw. This mild mannered man got on stage and spun vinyl on three turntables all while jumping on the table and getting the crowd hyped with him. I was truly in awe. After that, I decided to find out how to be a part of this festival. This year was my fifth year working at the Made in Detroit stage, and this doesn’t ever feel like work. I love being a part of such great a great team and getting to talk with artists that I grew up listening to on the radio.

I’ll say this and let you listen for yourself, but the artists at Movement are not out for the fame. They love the music and to them it’s a movement! I could talk all day about house music, but for now I’ll just give you a taste of some of the artists at this year’s festivities.

Weekly Playlist May 29

Underground Resistance “Nannytown”
Kevin Saunderson “Into the Future”
Derrick May “Strings Of Life”
Stacey Pullen “Circus Act”
Inner City “Good Life”
Terrence Parker “Love’s Got Me High”
Eddie Fowlkes “That’s What I Think About”
DJ Godfather “Lil Momma”
Groove Slave “Graviton”
Carl Craig “A Wonderful Life”
DJ Psycho (DETROIT) “Element 06 – Dantiez Saunderson Pure Detroit Remix”
Motor City Drum Ensemble “Raw Cuts #3”
Delano Smith “Nebula”
Juan Atkins ”Track Ten”
Octave One feat Ann Saunderson, Urban Soul Orchestra “Blackwater”
Belleville Three  “Elevator”
Golf Clap “Bout That”
The Saunderson Brothers “ Piece of Me”
Testpilot “SunSpot (White Space Conflict)”
Ok, so that last one isn’t a Detroit artist, but none other than Deadmau5! Although he had some issues due to the weather, I’m sure his true fans will understand and not hold it against him. No artist is perfect. “…let there be house music!”

Here is the link to the playlist on Spotify.


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